Animals of all stripes have a sense of seasonal changes. Seasonal animal migrations happen by land, sea and air.

But do domesticated animals like dogs still attuned to the seasons? Without a need to migrate or follow a migratory food source, do our pups really care about the ten day forecast?

I ask because we've had a mild but wacky winter.

1Fall transitioned to winter with a few light flurries 2Temperatures dipped for a short while and we got a bit of familiar frost 3But then the sun came out to play 4And stuck around so long that we could ditch our jackets 5In fact, this past Sunday I wore shorts to the beach. It felt like late spring

The week in weather quickly degenerated from "early summer" to "apocalyptic winter."

6Coats, ears and tails flipped all over the place yesterday 7Gusting gales of snow made it tough to see 8The wind made it tough to even stand up straight! 9Of course none of that stopped Penny from considering a quick swim

Once back home, the pups confusedly shook themselves off and looked at me like, "What is going on out there!?"

I know the issue of whether dogs have "episodic memory" is still up for debate, but I wonder if domestic dogs retain any instinct or circadian rhythm when it comes to seasonal changes.

That said, even if they do, it wouldn't help them much given the weather we're having!

I couldn't find too much information about this subject, so let's hazard some guesses. What do you think, do dogs notice seasonal changes?