Does your dog ever ask to go out, only to turn right around and want back in again? Does the same ever happen in reverse? Just like us, sometimes our furry friends can't make up their minds. Have you had the "In or out, already?!" conversation with your dog?

What Does My Dog Want Anyway?

What's really happening is that your canny canine is a bit too smart for her own good. She has an intellectual need which is going unmet. She craves a mental stimulus and is providing it for herself in the form of a game — a game in which you are the toy!

You've heard that dogs are intelligent, and you've probably even marveled at your own best friend's smarts. Yet what we rarely hear is how these brainy animals develop games of their own when not otherwise inspired.

What Can I Do?

Your goal is not to control your friend but to provide the answer to the "in or out" question yourself. And the best answer is let's play a better game. Have a short list of simple tricks and activities ready for when your dog wants to play.

The purpose is to stimulate your dog's brain by engaging her in an activity that has a goal. Her brilliant mind will light up as she tries to figure out her purpose in your activity. Your words of praise will exhilarate her and the desire to toy with you using the "in or out game" will subside.

Be Proactive

It's best to provide this mental stimulation before she starts troubling you with what seems like bladder confusion. For example, after a potty break, consider a quick game of fetch or hide-and-seek. This will diminish her desire to toy with you in a few minutes when you've moved on to other affairs.

Remember,  Our job as best friend is to give her a healthy avenue for this connection. Soon you'll feel less and less like the toy. The "in or out" game will be history, and you will have found a new bond with your brainy pup.