If you’re lucky enough to have a pet friendly office, you’ll know that dogs get to have most of the fun. But these focused felines are working for the weekday, and they have quite a tail to tell. Here’s what to expect when your bring your cat to work.

Cat _Business Casual

Your cat might look better in business casual than you do.

Cat _Coffee Cup

She might insist on drinking her water out of a coffee cup to look more purr-fessional.

Cat _Cubicle

or loosely interpret the term “cubicle.”

Cat _Breakroom

She’ll definitely stare in silent judgement if you spend too much time in the break room.

Cat _Lunch Bag

Your cat might take an extra long lunch from the comforts of your take out bag.

Cat _Lunch Nap

Expect her to indulge in a post-lunch cat nap.

Cat _Spreadsheet Keyboard

And if you wake her up with all your typing and clicking, she may give you this look.

Cat _Keyboard

This is her making her own kind of spreadsheet—on your keyboard.

Cat _Swivel Chair

She’ll probably steal the good swivel chair. You don’t mind the floor, right?

Cat _Clawner Office

After all her hard work, your cat may end up with her own claw-ner office.

Not every cat will enjoy a day at the office. But if you think your cat is social and adaptable enough to enjoy the purr-fessional life, here are some tips to keep in mind.

  • Make sure your cat has her own space. A carrier container is one option. But ideally, you would try to secure an enclosed office or conference room that your cat can relax in.
  • Be sure to provide the basic necessities. A water bowl, a few toys, and a little box are musts.
  • Safety first! Make sure your pet wears a collar with identification to the office (think of it as her uniform!) And paw-proof your space to secure any wires or cables that might be in her reach.

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