During the Thanksgiving holiday, many pet owners make the mistake of indulging their pets with human foods that could be unhealthy or downright dangerous. The result? Upset tummies, diarrhea, and even choking.

There's always the danger of your cat mistaking aluminum foil for a new kind of treat, or your dog reaching for that oh-so-tempting but poisonous piece of chocolate somebody left on the table. And turkey might seem like a safe bet, but turkey bones can get stuck in your pet's throat. They can also splinter and perforate your pet's esophagus, stomach, or bowel.

Slip Your Pet Some Thanksgiving Treats

The solution? Keep your pets away from people foods like turkey, stuffing, gravy, and desserts, and focus on serving them pet food and treats during Thanksgiving. It will save you and your furry ones a lot of trouble.

While most human food should be off limits, carrots are okay. In fact, carrots are great low-calorie, vitamin-packed treats, and ideal for pets who are carrying a bit of extra "meat" on them. Make sure the carrots are steamed or raw and not covered in gravy, salt, or other extras that might make pets sick.

Make sure you have pet food ready to go, so you can avoid begging (and one of the guests slipping Rover some food under the table).

Create a Quiet Corner

Not all pets love company and a bunch of guests moving around the house can be a source of stress. This is particularly true for cats and some small dogs, who can get underfoot.

The solution? Place a comfy pet bed, familiar blanket, or even a piece of clothing with your smell on it in a quiet room that your guests won't be using. Leave the door ajar so your pet can escape to the silence of the room whenever he needs a break from all the holiday excitement.

Outdoor and Indoor Fun

You can also make Thanksgiving special for your pets by celebrating in ways that don't involve your kitchen. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

For dogs, it probably doesn't get much more exciting than chasing falling leaves in the wind. So grab a leash and invite your family for an extra-long walk on Thanksgiving Day. Go before mealtime and you can work up an appetite, or go afterward to help you digest all that food.

Chances are, most of the Thanksgiving fun is going to be happening inside the house, so make sure your pet is ready for it. Buy him a new toy to play with while everyone is having dinner, or get a festive kerchief or collar to wear for picture time.

In the end, remember that Thanksgiving is all about spending time with those you love, and that includes your four-legged loved ones.