A holiday of feline understanding

If you love life with your cat, making her happy, and untangling the mysteries of her felineness, mark your calendar - January 22 is National Answer Your Cat's Questions Day. Your boss probably won't let you off work for it, and there won't be any parades, but consider it a fun holiday you can enjoy with your cat. If done right, your cat will enjoy it too.

The proper way to participate in National Answer Your Cat's Questions Day is to be aware of your cat on a more conscious level, and notice when your cat is trying to ask you something. Your job is to stop what you're doing and try to figure out what your cat is asking, and do your best to answer the question.

Now, you know your cat pretty well - or at least you think you do. You and your cat are different species with different languages and behaviors, different needs and desires, and a completely different way of perceiving the world. Yet, you live together in the same home, love each other, and you both endeavor to make each other happy. (As we all know, a cat makes a human happy with her very existence, while the human must perform daily to make the cat happy. That's just the way it is!)

So even though you live a nice life together, you and your cat may never completely understand each other. You will always have questions about why your cat does this or that, and your cat most certainly has questions about your behavior. Just as you have no idea why your cat would demand that you open a door, only to refuse to walk through it, your cat has no idea why you would even have a door.

We've put together a few questions from cats, asked from the cat's point of view, of course. These questions may seem like those that would likely be asked by a cat you know and love. These are written as questions, answers and rebuttals, because we all know that cats like to have the last word.

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Cat Questions, From Your Cat's Point of View

Cat's Question: Why do you keep shutting the doors in the house?
Person's Answer: Lots of reasons, my dear cat. To keep you out of some rooms, to conserve energy, sometimes out of habit. What's the big deal?
Cat's Rebuttal: Okay, well I need to know what's going on in my own house. I've marked it all as my territory and I want it accessible at all times. When you close doors, you cramp my style.

Cat's Question: Why do you bring strangers into our home?
Person's Answer: They're my friends. And they love cats. There's no need to hide when they come over.
Cat's Rebuttal: Oh yeah? I didn't invite them over! They scare me. They always want to pick me up. If they'd just leave me alone and let me sneak up and investigate them, I could decide if they are my friends too, and then I might be ok with them petting me.

Cat's Question: Why do you get so upset when I go potty behind your bed?
Person's Answer: Because that's gross. You have a nice litter box. Use it.
Cat's Rebuttal: Have you seen where you put my litter box? Have you seen what's in my litter box? How would you feel if your toilet were out in the open where anyone could see you using it? I may be an animal, but I need my privacy, and I like things clean. The litter box is really nice, but if I don't use it, there's a reason. (And sometimes the reason is I'm sick and I can't help it. You'll have to ask my veterinarian about that.)

Cat's Question: Why do you keep petting me when I tell you to stop it?
Person's Answer: Well, you're so soft and cute and adorable I can't help it. And you like being petted.
Cat's Rebuttal: I know I'm irresistible and I do love being petted, but I have my limits. When you see my tail swishing from side to side, I'm letting you know that I've had enough. When you don't get the hint, I have to get up and walk away.

Cat's Question: Why am I not I allowed on top of the refrigerator?
Person's Answer: I'm afraid you'll fall. And you'll knock stuff over.
Cat's Rebuttal: Dude, I'm a cat. It's unlikely I'm going to fall and if I did, I'd land on my feet. I need to be up high. That's how I observe and supervise my domain. If you don't want me on top of the refrigerator, can you give me some other high places to perch?

Cat's Question: Why do you give me interesting things to lie down on, then take them away?
Person's Answer: Oh, you mean, the book or newspaper I happen to be reading? Those aren't for you - those are people things.
Cat's Rebuttal: Really? When you sit quietly staring at paper, it feels like a nice moment to be with you. Besides, I think I'm more interesting than whatever you're reading…don't you?

These are just a few general questions your cat may have for you. To understand your cat's questions, you have to try to see things from your cat's point of view. Your cat does try to tell you things, with her meows, her ears, tail, general body language and behavior. The more you know about your cat, the more she will love living with you.

Learn more about National Answer Your Cat's Question day and other quirky pet holidays at http://www.wellcat.com