I never attempt to second guess my cat, Sugar Plum. Since the day she followed me home and refused to leave my front door, my cat has been telling me what she wants. I still tell all of my friends that she adopted me. Her friendly outgoing nature makes her the kind of cat people ooh and ahh over. She’ll let anyone pick her up and hold her like a baby.

Soon after I became her human, she became an inside cat. She was adjusting well, but her urgent howling and scratching at the door had me scrambling to understand her needs and find a solution. It appeared that she craved the outdoors.

Some Cats Crave the Outdoors

Sugar Plum snuggled up with a cat harness in her cat bed to make it familiar and part of her world before for awhile before we tried it on. At first, she looked at me and crouched on the floor in confusion and looked ridiculous wearing her new harness. Once the door was flung open, she walked onto the porch one paw at a time, timidly at first, then she boldly scampered down the staircase and started exploring the backyard. Because she craved the outdoors, the whole adventure was relatively easy and fun.

Cats Love the Sunshine

While outside she sniffed at the potted plants, investigated corners and crevices, smelled the air and batted at the butterflies. After doing that, she plopped down for a while on the grass in the sun. She really enjoyed being in the sunlight and purred with delight as the sunshine warmed the top of her beautiful calico coat.

When she was ready to go back inside, she did so on her own accord. Sugar Plum looked at me and led the way back up the stairs to the front door. Once back inside, her harness easily slipped off, and she was back in her familiar domain. After all of the excitement, she curled up in her cat bed and took a nap.

The Neighbors Were Impressed

Now that we go outside on a regular basis, she’s stopped howling at the door, and all of our neighbors are impressed. They ask when we’ll be outside again so they can watch her prance around in her cat gear. When Sugar Plum nudges her harness, I know what she’s trying to tell me. Sunning herself in the summer has been great, but we’ll see what she thinks about the snow. I’m sure she’ll let me know.