We spend months — sometimes years — picking out the perfect name for a child. So why not take a little extra time crafting creative dog names for your new puppy? Go beyond everyday monikers like Max and Fluffy. Here's how!

What's in a Name?

Cuddle, snuggle, and bond with your pet before giving him a name. I've always waited to see what the pet enjoys, how he spends his days, and what he reminds me of before choosing a name.

My female Weimaraner, Belle, gets her name from the holiday tune, Silver Bells, since she was a Christmas gift from Santa Claus. Orion, my robust Staffordshire terrier mix, is a sturdy, confident male with a solid name based on a favorite song.

Your pet's name should reflect his personality and stature. Grab a notepad and make a list of adjectives, such as rowdy, happy, or tiny, that describe the dog. One of the words might just be the perfect name!

What Your Pooch Wants

If you browse the hundreds of lists online touting the cutest, most creative, and most unique pet names, you'll notice they all have one common element: brevity. According to a New York Times article, it's best to choose a dog name with one or, at most, two syllables to make it easy for the dog to understand you. After all, think about obedience commands: Sit. Stay. Down. They're all one-syllable words that dogs learn quickly.

It's also recommended to pick names ending in a long vowel or a short sound, such as Simba, Loki, or Missi. These sounds are easy for dogs to hear against the idle chatter of daily life.

Borrow from the Best

If you're still stumped, look to your favorite movies, songs, and games for inspiration. Creative dog names are bountiful! You can even borrow famous canine names from the silver screen, like Marley, Milo, Beethoven, Otis, Benji, or Hooch.

The most creative dog name I've ever heard was from a customer at a pet store where I once worked. She recalled that one year the family Christmas gift was small and furry, and each time she and her husband needed to discuss the gift without the children knowing, they'd spell d-o-g. The woman knew the secret was out when the children asked when Deeogie would join the family!

Do you have a unique way of naming new pets in your home? Tell us all about it in the comments!