Whether it’s your kitty’s official birthday, or you’re marking a “gotcha day” to honor the day your furball officially came home, there are plenty of ways to celebrate. Check out our list below, and start planning the purr-fect bash.

1. DIY Something Special

Spoiling your cat rotten on her birthday doesn’t have to be complicated (or costly). With five-to-ten minutes, and a few supplies you can source from around your house, you can surprise her with an easy DIY present.

  • Homemade kitty tent crafted from hangers, cardboard and an old t-shirt
  • Puzzle box made with a simple plastic food container
  • Cat tipi fashioned from an old blanket, some rope, and a few wood dowels
  • Party wand made with an empty treat bag, coat hanger (or dowel) and a little bit of tape

2. Plan a Party

You can keep it low-key if your kitty doesn’t love lots of commotion, and, of course, you should never force your cat to participate, but here are a few ideas to kick things off:

  • Decorate with kitty-inspired décor, or funny photos of your cat
  • Put together a selfie station for human guests with kitty-inspired props, like whiskers and ears
  • Play Pin the Tail on the Cat with your human guests, using a photo of your cat
  • Put out a cat-inspired snack table, with kitty-shaped cookies for humans and a variety of chewy and crunchy treats for feline guests

If there do happen to be other guests invited (animal or human), make sure you provide supervision at all times, and a safe place for your kitty to go in case she gets overwhelmed.

3. Make a Cat-Safe Cake

Don’t worry, there’s no baking involved (and no human food either), but we’re sure your cat will still love this super-simple recipe:

  • Empty a can of paté-style cat food onto a dish (use a butter knife to help get it out of the can whole)
  • Use your cat’s favorite kibble to decorate your “cake” and you're done!

4. Pamper Your Cat

If a party isn’t exactly your cat’s speed, you can still make the day special with a bit of pampering and some simple quality time.

Add a few extra cozy touches to her regular routine. Let in the sun by opening all the curtains or lay out fresh, warm sheets from the dryer in her favorite sunspot. Sprinkle catnip on her favorite blanket or give your cat a long, luxurious grooming session (if that’s her thing) — after all, it’s the little things that make cats happiest!


5. Try Getting a Birthday Portrait Taken

Start a fun new tradition with your cat, and create a special keepsake for yourself while you’re at it. Find a local pet photographer in your area and make an appointment for a mini-session. Have fun with (cat-safe) props or your own human wardrobe, and ask the photographer for fun ideas based on your personalities.

Naturally, you’ll want to plaster your cat's adorable face on t-shirts, mouse pads, mugs, note cards, and more. You can also consider creating a photo memory book for your cat that marks each year.