Every dog should have a favorite toy or two. Or maybe a dozen.

My dogs, Belle and Orion, have a basket of toys in almost every room of the house. While chew toys and bouncy rubber balls are backyard pet toys, the soft, plush toys must stay inside.

When the dogs get new toys, they parade around with them in their mouths, as if showing off trophies for good behavior. New toys find their way into the dogs' beds and often get extra attention for several days.

Disappearing Ducks and Balls

When a new toy goes missing, it's challenging. Belle reaches her long Weimaraner legs and narrow snout under the couch in search of the toy. Orion trots around the house doing laps while making a Chewbacca-like sound until he can cuddle the reward once again.

One afternoon, when I noticed a specific plush toy missing, I looked everywhere with no luck. The dogs didn't seem to care, so I lost interest, too. A few weeks later, the round yellow duck went missing, then the plush rainbow ball. Then a soccer ball disappeared. Toys were going missing weekly.

I looked under the beds, under the couch, and in corners of the house that haven't been touched since we moved in. The toys were most certainly not in the house. So, where were they?

Missing Dogs, Too?

After a while, I dismissed the lost dog toys since the dogs have so many others to play with. One weekend, I went about my usual yard work with the dogs at my side. They enjoy stretching out on the cement patio in the backyard to soak in the sunshine.

On this particular afternoon, Belle was with me, but Orion was nowhere to be found. "Now he's gone missing, too!" I thought. Then I looked down at Bella's muddy paws and realized she'd been digging.

Aha! I looked around the corner of the house and saw dirt flying through the air. Belle ran into the muddy spray and looked at Orion, who turned to look at me, his tail wagging nonstop. Then Belle also began to dig in the soft dirt beneath the bushes.

I took a peek at what they had been up to. Nestled beneath the bushes were at least a dozen colorful plush dog toys all neatly lined up in a huge hole. Needless to say, those are now backyard pet toys, too!

Does your dog like to hide toys? Tell us in the comments about some funny things your pet has done in the backyard!