Wintertime can be a blast for pets. When the first snowflakes fall, some cats and dogs go wild — jumping, licking, sniffing, and rolling. You name it, and they're probably doing it! Here are six snowy dogs and cats that love winter weather and aren't afraid to show it!

1. What? Just marking my territory with some snowy paw prints!

1Photo source: Pauly via Flickr

2. Watch me sashay. Strike a pose!

2Photo source: Shannon Kringen via Flickr

3. Playing catch in the snow? Don't mind if I do!

3Photo source: Darron Birgenheier via Flickr

4. What was that noise? A mouse? A bird? Stay alert!

4Photo source: Dano272 via Flickr

5. Um, hey, this drift is deeper than I thought...

5Photo source: Robert Frank Gabriel via Flickr

6. Snowboarding — it's not just for humans anymore!

6Photo source: Kurt Bauschardt via Flickr

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