Chirping birds fill the morning air and green grass rests underfoot. Hello, spring! May Day is quickly approaching.

If you're off to the florist to pick up a colorful basket of flowers for your sweetheart, don't forget about your loving pet. Take a peek at these seven happy animals enjoying spring blooms.

1. Peek-a-boo! Happy May Day to you!

050114_01Photo Source: johnnyberg via stock.xchng

2. Pink always goes with black-and-white, don't you think?

050114_02Photo Source: jade via morgueFile

3. Sunshine and sunflowers! This holiday doesn't get much better!

050114_03Photo Source: xameron via stock.xchng

4. Always take a little time to tiptoe through the tulips — or forget-me-nots!

050114_04Photo Source: Caninest via Flickr.

5. This warm greenhouse is the perfect place for nap time.

050114_05Photo Source: gplatt via stock.xchng

6. Sniffing huge, colorful blossoms makes you extra adorable!

050114_06Photo Source: jade via morgueFile

7. Aww, these beautiful irises are for me? You are too kind, human!

050114_07Photo Source: Susan Salomé

As always, make sure to supervise your pets around any plants that may be harmful for them to eat.

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