As Christmas draws closer each December, people from all walks of life make their lists and check them twice. As busy as the holiday season can get, don't forget gifts for pets! Whether or not they've been naughty or nice, pets have their own ideas of what would make the perfect holiday. Try a few of these ideas so your four-legged buddies enjoy the holidays as much as you do.

Gifts for Pets — and Fun Activities, Too!

Bring your dog along when the family picks out the Christmas tree. Whether you head out to the woods or the tree lot, your dog will love all of the new sights and smells. Don't forget to keep him on a leash!

Just because he can't sing doesn't mean your dog isn't game to escort you and your family as you serenade your neighbors with Christmas carols. Just be sure to stop by all the hydrants for your dog's sake.

Any cat would love a new climbing tree. Perfectly suited to help her get some exercise and grab some valuable shut-eye, one of these cat-friendly trees is sure to tickle her fancy.

Dogs get cold just like humans when the mercury drops. If your dog spends a fair amount of time outside during the winter, make sure he has the proper digs. An insulated doghouse should do the trick.

You can't forget stuffing those stockings. Make sure your dog or cat has one with his name hung by the chimney. Be sure to fill it with his favorite treats and toys. The bigger the stocking, the better.

A dog's fur can become snarled and matted from the snow, so be sure to bring him in for a day of pampering at his favorite groomer.

Though he won't be able to help put the angel on top of the tree, buy a special ornament just for your pet, engraved with his name.

When you eat Christmas dinner off your best place settings, make sure your cat or dog is chowing down from a shiny new bowl.

If your pet isn't shy, take him to get a picture with Santa. There are plenty of Santas at shopping malls who will pose with pets as well as kids — or even both together!

Finally, your pet will be the envy of the neighborhood when he's sporting a brand new leash on his nightly walks.

The Gift Your Pet Most Wants

At the end of the night, when the guests are gone, the leftovers have been put away, and the kids are asleep, give your dog or cat the gift he wants the most: extra cuddle time with you, a good scratch behind the ears, and a gentle stroking of his fur.

These are just a handful of great gifts for pets. We hope you'll keep your furry friends in mind when it's time for your holiday shopping.