Does having pets at work seem like fun? On June 20th this year, many pets and owners who thought so celebrated Take Your Dog to Work Day! Dogs aren't the only pets getting in on the fun — check out these cats with their own mischievous ideas.

Before you bring your pup into the office, check out Purina's Pets at Work website for tips on how to prepare your pet and your workplace for the visit. Now, take a look at these pets who think they're putting in an honest day's work.

1. A little of this [click, clack], a little of that [click, clack], and voila: spreadsheet's done!

072114_01Photo Source: Akane Yamada via Flickr

2. I'd love to help you with this coding, but I don't have thumbs.

072114_02Photo Source: Diego Grez via Wikimedia Commons

3. I know we just got here. Is it playtime yet?

Dog -at -office -1Photo Source: Sophie Besl

4. Two barks is port; one is starboard!

072114_04Photo Source: Jon-Eric Melsaeter via Flickr

5. Scratch chin first. Let dog type later.

072114_05Photo Source: Doug Woods via Flickr

6. Sorry, can't play right now — helping humans!

072114_06Photo Source: Elvert Barnes via Flickr

7. Hey, when is "Take Your Cat to Work Day"? I'll wait here while you find out...

072114_07Photo Source: Jonas Lowgren via Flickr

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