Even the most ardent feline fancier has to admit that cute cats sometimes skip past the cuteness and get downright goofy. Check out these examples of some of the silliest cat antics we've ever seen!

1. "Good luck chasing your tail, dog. I caught mine!"

060914_01Photo Source: Mel via Flickr

2. If a swarm of kittens decides you're going to stay, you're going to stay.

060914_02Photo Source: Gracey via MorgueFile

3. Cat disguises are usually not very elaborate (or effective).

060914_03Photo Source: Austin White via Flickr

4. "Please don't tell anyone my teddy bear is actually a dog."

060914_04Photo Source: Taliesin via MorgueFile

5. When in doubt, jazz hands!

060914_05Photo Source: Scotth via MorgueFile

6. Make no bones about it: This little guy is having an identity crisis.

060914_06Photo Source: Tferr via MorgueFile

7. Cats are such beautiful, graceful animals — most of the time.

060914_07Photo Source: Helmuts Guigo via Flickr

8. "Oh, you wanted to sit? Tough luck!"

060914_08Photo Source: Marykbaird via MorgueFile

9. "Please play with me! You can work later."

060914_09Photo Source: Infographe_Elle via MorgueFile

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