You know that feeling: It's been too quiet for too long. What could your cat possibly be up to? If he's not in one of his favorite sleeping spots, is your cat hiding from you? Or maybe he only thinks he's hiding from you? Check out these sweet felines and their humorous hiding places.

1. Cat hiding 101: When in doubt, find the nearest box or bag.

051914_01Photo Source: Flickr

2. Just make sure you fit.

051914_02Photo Source: Laurie Mega

3. Here, we have the classic hiding-but-not-really-hiding scenario.

051914_03Photo Source: Flickr

4. This one almost has it right, but still no cigar.

051914_04Photo Source: Flickr

5. And we have a winner!

051914_05Photo Source: Jim Sheets

6. This kitty is doing his best impression of "Where's Waldo?"

051914_06Photo Source: Flickr

7. The jig is up, and it's curtains for this feline!

051914_07Photo Source: Flickr

8. This clandestine kitty is peeking out to see if the coast is clear.

051914_08Photo Source: Flickr

9. This fearless fellow is hiding in your backpack, hoping you'll take him with you.

051914_09Photo Source: Flickr

Have you found your kitty in any funny hiding places? Have you ever caught him on camera trying — and failing — to conceal himself? Has your cat ever pulled a fast one on you or gotten the best of you by hiding? Share your story in the comments! We love to see funny cats, especially when they play hide-and-seek!