As every pet owner knows, there are certain cat expressions we understand, and certain ones we don't. Dianna Keen, author and designer of the popular blog These Days of Mine, has seen her share of funny faces from Sundae and Gypsy, her two cats. In an interview with Petcentric, Keen shared a few of her favorites with us — along with her best shot at the translations.

1. "How can you be napping when I'm so hungry?!"


2. "What time is it? I think it's playtime-thirty."


3. "I love you so much it hurts. Let me kiss you!"


4. "Sleeping is nice, but ignoring me will prove a futile effort."


5. "Those shoes were on sale?!"


6. "You were invited here to adore me. Not to take my seat."


7. "Remind me again why we are awake at this hour?"


8. "You. Yes, you. You're my favorite human. You can stay."


Dianna says that if her cats could give humans advice, they'd urge us to enjoy the simple pleasures of life just a bit more. I, for one, sure hope we try!

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Photo Credit: All photos via Dianna Keen's These Days of Mine blog