Move over, Rudolph! You're not the only adorable animal during the winter months. Check out these holiday-loving, snow-dusted puppy photos that are sure to make you squeal with delight — just like a child on Christmas morning!

1. Look at me! I'm the perfect fit!

1Photo Source: John Mayer via Flickr

2. How do you like my bow-wow now?

2Photo Source: Caitee Smith via Flickr

3. I'm ready and eager to help light up your days and nights.

3Photo Source: Marco Repola via Flickr

4. If I dress like Santa, do I get more gifts?

4Photo Source: DaPuglet via Flickr

5. We're ready for our close-up!

5Photo Source: Sandra Cobet via Flickr

6. Santa Claus tastes just like snow...

6Photo Source: Jessie Pearl via Flickr

7. I'll guard the presents. You dream of sugar plums.

7Photo Source: Steven Shinn via Flickr

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