From tuckered-out tabbys to sleepy Siamese, kittens will curl up and nap just about anywhere. It doesn't matter if they have to twist like contortionists to take over your workspace — they 'll do it! Get ready to feast your eyes on some cute cat pictures of the extra-sleepy variety!

1. There's no better place to snooze than this!

Sleep _momPhoto Source: Vladimer Shioshvili via Flickr

2. I dream a little dream... of belly rubs.

Running -DreamPhoto Source: Rodolphe Courtier via Flickr

3. If it fits, it sleeps. Goodnight!

Kitten _couchPhoto Source: Jason Hickey via Flickr

4. I'm pawtecting my itty bitty teddy from nightmares.

Cat _bearPhoto Source: Flóra Soós via Flickr

5. The better the stretch, the better the nap!

Acrobatic -napperPhoto Source: Lauren Jankowski via Flickr

6. We sleep better together.

Cuties -x -2Photo Source: Mitchell Laurren-Ring via Flickr

7. Nothing to see here! Just catching up on my beauty sleep.

Beautiful -SleeperPhoto Source: Tommy Hemmert Olesen via Flickr

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