Frolicking in the summer sunshine isn't limited to energetic six-year-olds. From a doggie-paddling cat named Sasha to Duncan Lou Who, a bouncy two-legged beach-bound pup, it's clear that animals love summer, too.

So grab a leash and sunscreen: These funny cat and dog videos will have you pining for an outdoor adventure with your own furry friend in no time!

1. Join this inquisitive Labrador Retriever puppy learning to swim for the first time.

Video Source: Szabolcs Csaki via YouTube

2. Didga's on a roll! Tour his neighborhood while he shows off his fancy paw work on a skateboard.

Video Source: Catmantoo via YouTube

3. Hop along with the incredibly agile Duncan Lou Who, a Boxer on his maiden summer beach excursion.

Video Source: Pandapawsrescue via YouTube

4. Swoon over the stealthy swimming Sasha, a cat who loves an afternoon in the pool.

Video Source: SashaTHECAT2012 via YouTube

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