Lots of dog owners enjoy going camping with their dogs, but not everyone loves to rough it. For some, the hard ground, bugs, and lack of basic facilities can turn what could have been a fun trip into a real chore. So what’s an adventurous dog owner to do? Dog glamping to the rescue!

What Exactly Is Dog Glamping?

First of all, glamping is itself a thing. The word 'glamping' comes from a combination of ‘glamorous’ and ‘camping,’ and is also known as glam or luxury camping. The idea is to enjoy all that nature has to offer — often near state parks or other natural settings — while still feeling comfortable and secure.

Add a dog, choose a dog-friendly destination, and you’ve got dog glamping, where dog owners and their dogs can have the experience of camping but with useful amenities and other comforts, sometimes as fancy as resort-style services like spas, laundry, food service, and more.

Accommodations range from structures as simple as yurts and tipis to large safari tents, tent cabins, and even tree houses. Accordingly, prices can range from modest to very expensive depending on location, the amenities offered, and the duration of your stay.

Where Can I Go Glamping with My Dog?

You can glamp with your dog pretty much anywhere that’s dog-friendly and has amenities you’d consider comfortable in comparison with traditional camping. If you’re looking for a suitable place to glamp with your dog, here are some great places to start. Be sure to ask which pet types are allowed, as some don’t specify whether pet-friendly refers to dogs, cats, or both.

Another option worth examining is Airbnb.com. Choose your destination city and date range, then look for “Pets Allowed” under the amenities section of listings that interest you. Whether or not the listing says that pets are allowed, you should contact the host to double check. In some situations, they may be willing to make exceptions.

If you're just looking for dog-friendly hotels, you can start right here — but do keep in mind that you won't exactly be glamping!

Anything Else I Should Know?

As always, you’ll want to prepare for your adventure by making sure you have everything your dog will need while you travel. Here are some great safety tips to make travel with your dog safe and fun.

Dog glamping is quickly becoming the ultimate travel experience for dog owners. Learn more about all the possible types of glamping you and your dog could experience, and find some more dog-friendly spots right here. Wherever you go, we hope you find dog glamping to be a fun and enjoyable experience that furthers the special bond between you and your dog.