Kittens can bring a lot of joy and laughter into your life. Once you make the decision to adopt a kitten, make sure to follow a few helpful kitten care tips so that your new arrival feels right at home.

Create an Accident-Friendly Zone

Kittens do not automatically understand where and how they should use the bathroom, and they may have a few accidents before they are fully housebroken. Save yourself a lot of stress by creating an accident-friendly zone for your kitten. This is especially helpful if you have to leave your kitten at home alone from time to time. Find a spot with flooring that is easy to clean, like linoleum or tile. Use a baby gate or mobile pen to enclose a good-sized area and place a small litter box inside of the space. If your kitten has an accident, you can clean it up easily.

Stock Your Home with Goodies

Plan ahead of time by stocking up on a few goodies and supplies your kitten will need. Set up a space in your home with a cat bed, scratching post, food and water bowls, and toys. Buying a scratching post is an excellent way to teach your kitten that your couch or table is not the right spot to sharpen claws. You should also purchase food and treats designed just for kittens, which will have the right proportions of fat and protein for their growing bodies.

Kitten-Proof Danger Zones

Your house could be teeming with potential dangers and hazards for your new kitten. Try to see the house from your kitten's point of view by getting down on all fours. Do you see any low-hanging cords or wires? These should be protected and secured out of reach. Are there any poisonous house plants or medicines that your kitten could get into and eat? Consider replacing plants like philodendrons and poinsettias with nontoxic varieties, and store your medicine in a high cabinet.

Be the Security Guard

Do you have small children or other pets in your house? You might need to be a security guard for your kitten for a while until the little guy gets a little bigger. Small children may not be aware of their own strength and could squeeze kittens too hard. Other cats and dogs could become territorial and act aggressively. Keep a close eye on the situation until your kitten gets bigger.

Having a kitten can be a blast, especially if you prepare properly. Have any special tips for kitten care yourself? Let us know in the comments!