We recently got to meet our favorite Chicago bear at Montrose Dog Beach. And I'm not talking about a football player.

1I'm talking about this loveable monster - Leo! 2Yes, that Leo. The one who Penny towered over just months ago 3Now, nine months old, Leo is just slightly larger than Penny 4Leo is so big that Penny wasn't quite sure how to play with him 5But she did know when Leo jumps, you move! Either on your own accord, or as a result of basic physics 6Leo is roughly the size of Eko and Penny combined. I don't have the heart to tell Penny that Leo's not even done growing yet 7Penny first attempted to crash into Leo, but she discovered it was like crashing into a brick wall 8She wisely decided to play keep-away instead. As Penny raced around Leo she kicked up little scoops of sand. As Leo chased her, he tore up the beach like a backhoe 9Safe to say, Leo quite enjoyed his time at the beach 91If the Chicago Bears do need a defensive linedog, Leo is the perfect "puppy" for the job

I used to think they called them Bernese Mountain Dogs because of where they lived. Now I'm certain the name simply references their size.

Lastly, If this post hasn't convinced you magic is real, I don't know what will. Because I for one can not believe you simply give a tiny puppy some food and water for a few months and then he turns into a black bear.