Want to hear an amazing and touching cat rescue story? Meet Satin, the little kitten with a big will to live.

Under the Boardwalk

On a rainy day in early fall, Marjorie Rauso found herself near the boardwalk in Ocean Grove, New Jersey, after visiting her grandmother at an assisted living facility. As she walked along the sand, she spotted a little ball of black fur. She immediately ran over and found a tiny kitten, drenched and meowing. Looking up and down the beach, she didn't see the kitten's mother or littermates anywhere.

"Unfortunately, a lot of stray cats live near the beach or under the boardwalk," Marjorie said. "People come down to the shore during the summer, get a cat, and then leave it when they return home at the end of the season."

Bringing Satin Home

Marjorie scooped the kitten up and wrapped her in a blanket. Then she headed for the animal shelter to see if there had been any reports of missing kittens. "I knew the answer before I asked, but I had to make sure," she said.

She almost considered leaving the kitten behind. By that point, however, the black kitten had snuggled up into the crook of her arm and fallen asleep. Marjorie knew she couldn't part with her tiny new friend, so she turned around and brought the kitten home.

"Her fur was soft and smooth," Marjorie said. "So I named her Satin."

Satin's Nine Lives

Marjorie and Satin quickly settled into a happy life. Shortly afterward, however, disaster struck. Without Marjorie knowing it, Satin had nestled herself underneath Marjorie's car. When she started up the car to leave, it strangely bolted forward. Marjorie turned off the ignition and found Satin lying on the driveway. She immediately rushed the struggling kitten to the emergency veterinarian.

"During the incident, the top portion of Satin's tail was severed and her leg was torn. She had also gone into shock," Marjorie said. The veterinarian placed a pin in the leg to hold it together, but she never could bend it again. "It was pretty bad, but she could have easily been killed," Marjorie said.

Fortunately, Satin could still run and play the way she did before her injury. 

Next, Satin suffered a bout of rhinotracheitis, an upper respiratory infection that can often prove fatal in young cats. The veterinarian gave Satin a five percent chance of making it. Miraculously, she survived.

Years later, Marjorie came home from work to find Satin's eye had been punctured. After the incident with the car, Satin had grown accustomed to her damaged leg, but she could never retract her claws. Apparently, she had tried to use her leg to scratch her head and scratched her eye. The veterinarian worked on the eye for three hours but eventually had to remove it.

Despite her several close calls, Satin lived a healthy and happy life — to the practically unprecedented age of 21 years. "She was my closest friend," Marjorie said.

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