Looking for a pup that’s less lapdog, more workout partner? Need a cat that can keep up with your active lifestyle? Meet 8 awesome pets that are known for their dynamic energy, dashing temperament and lively spirit.

Active Cat Breeds

Abyssinian Cat playing under a fluffy white blanket.Abyssinian: Smart, sweet and always on the move, the Abyssinian is a natural athlete, with an athletic frame and insatiable curiosity. They’re more content to explore than cuddle, but don’t think that they aren’t people-oriented. In fact, they love acting the clown for their family, and engaging in play. 

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Curious Bengal cat on a white carpet with wooden background.Bengal: Curious, loving and athletically-inclined, Bengal cats make a great fit for active households. They’re affectionate, regal and known for the distinctive rosettes that mark their fur, similar to the big jungle cats that also bear their name. Some even enjoy playing in water.

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Sphynx Cat on a gray sofa with a gray backgroundSphynx: Inquisitive, sweet-natured and energetic, these hairless cats love to be the center of attention, and aren’t above performing clown-like antics to get the attention of their human. Contrary to popular belief, they’re not actually hypoallergenic, but because they don’t shed like a typical cat, some who suffer from allergies may be able to tolerate them.

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Profile of a Siamese cat with blue eyes. Siamese: Agile, intelligent and affectionate, the Siamese is likely to follow you wherever you go. With Seriously social tendencies and a personality that’s somewhat on the verbal side, these cats are ideal companions for bustling households.

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Active Dog Breeds

Australian Shepherd on a wooden bridge. Australian Shepherd: Who knew? Aussies actually harken from the Pyrenees Mountains, but they came to America by way of Australia … and the moniker stuck. They are highly active herding dogs, and need both physical and mental exercise each day, making them great for activities like agility and obedience.  

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Red Shiba Inu on a snowy trail. Shiba Inu: Looking for a hiking buddy? Originally bred to hunt small game on mountainous terrain, the Shiba Inu is agile, spirited and intrepid. This little breed may be small, but he’s also lively, hardy and always up for adventure.  

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Siberian Husky in the woods at sunrise.Siberian Husky: Ambling about is seriously ingrained in this dog’s nature. Siberian Huskies were bred as sled dogs, and, as such, they’re always up to run, roam or take off on a long-winded adventure. They love to be on the move, have incredible endurance and a deep willingness to work, but they also have a strong natural prey drive, and should be watched around small animals.  

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Border Collie in a grassy meadow.Border Collie: A herder at heart, Border Collies are energetic, intelligent and born for an active lifestyle. They need physical exercise as well as mental stimulation, and love having a job to do. Keep him busy, and he’ll be a dependable, affectionate best friend for life. 

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Bonus: Rescue Pets

Purebreds, of course, aren’t the only active pets around. Check out pets up for adoption near you, and ask your local adoption and rescue groups to match you with the perfect active buddy.