Every year, it seems like summer goes by faster and faster — especially when you’re young. Suddenly the school bell is ringing and it’s time once again to help your kids with their homework. 

Every child could use some words of encouragement when going back to school. Check out the wisdom these 7 lovable pets want to impart to your kids, to help them get back in the school groove.

1. Get lots of sleep so you can stay alert in class.

1 Dog School - Tom Childers Via Flickr
Photo Credit: Tom Childers via Flickr 

2. Save your work early and often.

2 Cat School - Anna Hanks Via Flickr
Photo Credit: Anna Hanks via Flickr

3. Stick with the friends who accept you for who you are.

3 Dog School - Jim Larrison Via Flickr
Photo Credit: Jim Larrison via Flickr 

4. Read with care so you don’t miss a thing!

4 Cat School - Pete Hopkins Via Flickr
Photo Credit: Pete Hopkins via Flickr

5. Be sure to pack everything you need for class.

5 Listicle Dog School - Bryan Ledgard Via Flickr
Photo Credit: Bryan Ledgard via Flickr

6. Focus on your teacher, not what’s outside the window.

6 Cat School - Alisha Vargas Via Flickr
Photo Credit: Alisha Vargas via Flickr

7. Don’t be sad while we’re apart. I’ll be super excited to see you when you come home again!

7 College Listicle - Last Dog - College .library Via Flickr
Photo Credit: college.library via Flickr

We hope these adorable cats and dogs will give your kids something to think about as they settle back into their classes this fall. For more cute & funny pet photos, check out our Petcentric Facebook page and our Petcentric Twitter feed!

Main Article Photo Credit: Soggydan Benenovitch via Flickr