Looking for great fall activities to enjoy with your pets? During the warm summer months, pets are often calmer, but they tend to have a lot of energy to burn when the weather cools down. That means it's time to head out and enjoy nature with your furry one.

Share the Yard Work

Are you ready to rake some leaves? Invite your dog along. Sure, your job is probably going to get a little harder as your leaf piles are sure to be thoroughly disturbed, but that's part of the fun. If Kitty is an outdoor cat, don't be afraid to let him come out to play. He can have fun chasing leaves around the yard.

Form a Team

Nothing says "autumn" like football, so why not add it to your list of fall activities for pets? If you share your home with a retrieving breed (such as cocker spaniels, setters, or poodles), chances are you won't have a lot of trouble playing ball. You might not be able to teach him how to score a touchdown, but just bringing the ball back for another throw could be a lot of fun.

Kitty can chase a smaller ball around the yard and burn off some calories in the process.

Plan Some Weekend Fun

Fall is perfect for camping, hiking, and just generally exploring the outdoors. If your surroundings are safe and free from traffic or stray dogs, you could train your cat to walk on a leash and then take him out to explore the area.

Your dog will appreciate hiking along nature trails. Plus, many national parks allow camping with dogs or have cabin rentals available where pets are welcome, so you don't have to go home after a long day of exploring nature.

Finally, remember that when it comes to fall activities for pets, it's all about being outdoors. Whether you just head to the backyard or away for the weekend, don't forget to bring your pet along!


Thank you to Jill B. and her dogs, for submitting their photo on our Facebook page.