The internet was made for cute cat pictures, basically. Whether you’re killing time between meetings, need an “aww” pick-me-up, or just love looking at photos of cute kitties, we have an adorable list for you to enjoy.

1. Well, hello there

kitten wearing a tiara

2. Peek a Boo has never been cuter.

cat under a rug

3. Add a bow tie to increase the cute by infinity.

cat wearing a bow-tie

4. You know what’s cuter than a kitten? Two kittens.

two kittens playing

5. Oh come on. Need we say more?

excited kittenexcited kitten

6. There’s fewer things in life that can beat a snooze in the sun.

cat taking a nap

7. Go on. Try not to boop the snoot.

closeup of cat face

8. Cat lovers know - you can’t resist the urge to squeeze toe beans.

cat paws

9. We call this one: A Study in Cute

cat laying on a book

10. Double the kittens for cuteness that’s twice as nice.

two kittens cuddling