The 1963 Classic of Two Dogs and a Siamese Cat on Their Adventure Home

The Incredible Journey is a good Disney movie about three pets, a Siamese cat, a Labrador Retriever and a Bull Terrier, who lose their owners when they are on vacation. When one of the dogs decides they must go looking for their owners, the other dog and cat feel obligated to follow – the pets are inseparable. Being a 1963 film, the pets don’t talk, the narrator tells the story. (It was remade in 1993 with the cat and dogs given human voices.)

The Incredible Journey is an innovative film for its time, but it’s difficult not to compare it to later movies that are also almost entirely about dogs, cats and other animals, like Milo and Otis or Babe. The Incredible Journey is a bit slow-moving by today’s standards, but is still quite enjoyable. Part of the charm is that there are no special effects to speak of, making their journey home more real and believable. The Siamese cat is generally worry-free and plays along the journey. While the Labrador and Bull Terrier are more on a mission, the cat seems to think it's all fun and games. There is some kitty heroism, too. When the old Bull Terrier is weak and exhausted, the Siamese cat is able to provide food to help him get his strength back.

This is a good family movie, which you may enjoy more than your kids. You can purchase Walt Disney’s The Incredible Journey (VHS) at

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