Pampering Our Dogs and Cats with Comfort & Style

One way we can really pamper our cats or dogs is in our choice of their bedding. Dogs and cats, both being masters of relaxation, have no trouble finding the most comfortable surfaces in the house to nap upon, and really don’t need our help in this area. But, since both dogs and cats sleep more than we do, and we certainly like watching them enjoy a peaceful snooze, it makes perfect sense to want to give them a pet bed that provides exquisite comfort. And while we’re at it, it’s a lot of fun to find the bed that also fits our own sense of style, or expresses our pet’s personality.

By far, the largest assortment of luxury pet bedding on the market, are serious upgrades of the standard cushion-type dog beds that are either round, oval or square. The luxurious versions come in a huge variety of fabulous fabrics and cushy fillings. You could spend anywhere from around $30 up to several hundred dollars for cushions. These are very pet and people friendly.Cusshion-type pet beds not much bigger than your pet, so they can be placed in a convenient spot, or moved from room to room easily. The round and oval cushions create a perfect cradling spot for cats and dogs that love to sleep curled up in a ball. The square or rectangular cushions also accommodate a good curl, but are most excellent for dogs and cats that love to sleep stretched out long.

Furniture -Type Pet Beds

On the other end of the pet bed spectrum are furniture type beds. These are often very stylish and sometimes ornate. Most are made to look like miniature versions of people furniture, such as a couch, chair or bed, while others resemble something for royalty to sleep upon. These beds can be gorgeous to look at, and make a great conversation piece. They definitely express your style and devotion to your pet. One would only hope that they are also wonderfully comfortable to sleep on!

Somewhere between the luxury cushion and the furniture type beds are pet furniture beds that do not cross over to look like people furniture. These are high-quality pieces of furniture that still look like a pet bed. They are often luxury cushions set in a fine frame, sometimes with a bolster for added comfort. They are quite handsome and stylish, and can even be designed to coordinate with your own décor.

Another angle on sleeping luxury are the pet dens or tents. These are cozy little enclosed beds that resemble a small tent or gazebo. These are usually made for cats and small dogs. Pet dens offer a hideout as well as an awesome place to nap. And for people, they are pretty darn adorable to look at, especially when your kitty or doggie is peeking out of it.

A luxury pet bed can be a bit pricey, but if your pet enjoys it, and it looks great in your home, it may be well worth the expense.