Cunard Pampers Your Dog or Cat Aboard Ocean Cruises

Should you desire to take a luxury trans-Atlantic ocean cruise, there is at least one cruise line that allows you to bring your dog or cat. This is no small feat considering that cruise ships must adhere to very strict standards for cleanliness, provide comfort and an enjoyable experience to all guests – even those who don't like animals, and respect the local laws of the port cities they visit.

But Cunard has found a way to let you bring aboard your furry friend and have him travel in luxury and style. This will not be the same experience as you would have in a landlocked luxury hotel, where your pet can spend the night in your room and you can take him to pet-friendly outdoor restaurants and visit the pet-friendly attractions. Nor is it like leaving your pet in a luxury pet hotel where you kiss that furry little face good-bye and not see it again until you return.

Bringing your pet onboard a Cunard ocean cruise is more like checking your pet into a floating luxury pet hotel, where you can visit your little friend several times each day.

Pet Pampering aboard Cunard Cruises

Cunard cruises offer spacious pet kennels and a full-time Kennel Master, who does nothing but make sure your pet is well cared for. When your pet arrives, he receives a complimentary gift pack, which includes toys, a personalized name tag, a food dish, a portrait with his owner and other stuff.

Your pet is supplied with a comfy bed and soft blankets, or you can bring your pet's favorite bed. Healthy, fresh-baked gourmet doggie or kitty cookies are offered daily at bedtime. Cats get posts and scratchers and their own litter boxes.

Dogs and cats are given playtime in the indoor playroom several times each day. Dogs are walked outdoors several times daily as well. If your pet likes the company of others, you can ask that your pet share playtime with other pets of the same species. If your pet prefers to play alone, you can ask that your pet be given individual playtime. According to the Kennel Master, itâs really up to you. You can specifically direct your petâs care and request as little or as much playtime as you think your pet wants.

The kennel has visiting hours in two-hour blocks several times each day, in which you can come and play with your pet or just chill out together. You can sleep well knowing that there is someone caring for your pets 24 hours a day. Your pets are never left unattended, even overnight.

As for safety, all passengers go through emergency drills, and those with pets are taught how to put life vests on their pets. Fortunately, there has yet to be a need to use that skill.

Is Your Pet Ready for an Ocean Cruise?

Before you bring your dog or cat traveling on an ocean cruise, first consider your pet's temperament, health and personality to be confident he will be ok with it. It's required that your pet be up-to-date on vaccinations to board the ship, but you should also discuss your pet's health with your veterinarian to make sure he's in ship shape. There are no veterinarians aboard the ship, so carefully consider this when planning your trip.

There's a limit of 12 pets per cruise (or less, as big dogs get two kennel spaces) so they book up fast. Some pet owners love the cruise so much, they do it twice a year. Currently, Cunard is booking into 2012. So, if this is something you want to do – book early!

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