Cat Alerts Owner to Fire in Time to Save Everyone in Building

While peacefully sleeping in her home during the early morning hours, Guylaine never imagined her cat to be a hero, or that a fire would take everything she owned in one day.

At 6:46 a.m., Guylaine's cat, Étoile de Nuit, began meowing loudly. Thinking nothing of it, Guylaine tried to go back to sleep but her cat meowed persistently, determined to wake her. Groggy and sleepy-eyed, Guylaine arose to find a fire raging in her bathroom and smoke swirling in her living room. Guylaine, who suffers from muscular dystrophy, left to wake her neighbors.

She returned to retrieve Étoile de Nuit, but the cat had disappeared. As the fire continued to spread, Guylaine searched frantically for her little cat hero, but fearing for her own life, she was forced to flee the building. The local fire department was quick to get to the scene, but could do little to stop the building from burning to the ground. As she watched her home being completely destroyed, Guylaine pleaded with the firefighters to help her find Étoile de Nuit.

Sensing her distress, an attending police officer approached Guylaine and asked if she could help identify a very frightened cat that had been found close to the building – Étoile de Nuit! Guylaine lost everything she owned in the fire, which was later determined to have been set by two robbers in their attempt to cover their tracks. As she rebuilds her life, she does so with the help of her faithful cat hero, Étoile de Nuit.