Fireworks are startling enough to humans — just imagine what they’re like for cats! Here are a bunch of sweet cats (and a dog) enjoying the holiday their own way.

1. Let the Fourth of July celebrations begin! (*tap, tap, tap*) Is this thing on?!?

cat on podium

2. You call it sitting pretty. I call it being a star!

cat with flag blanket

3. Flowers are better than fireworks any day.

cat in a garden

4. We’d rather nap in the garden.

cats napping in the garden

5. This is how I roll in my stars & stripes furever home.

cat relaxing in bed

6. What do you mean it’s upside-down? I tied it purrfectly!

cat with an american flag bow tie

7. Your tie looks great from here, buddy! (And it’s nap time for me…ZZZ!)

cat in bed

8. Putting a flag on me does not a celebration make.

cat with american flag

9. The stars are aligned indoors today. Let’s play!

cat and dog catching red, white and blue stars

Summertime is always better with cats. Keep your cat safe on Independence Day and all summer long by avoiding fireworks and giving your cat something better to do — like more fun playtime with you!

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